Chinese team force of science and technology: a portable 3d printers

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Chinese team force of science and technology: a portable 3d printers

Postby Downey_Wercan » Mon Jul 27, 2015 3:20 am

Through continuous deepen understanding, now we all know, the 3 d printer is great, it can make people very easily make something simple and practical. But the only problem is, 3 d printers, large volume, not suitable for carrying. Now there are many designers began to develop a portable 3 d printers, but didn't think that domestic also have the team in the field. This is a start-up company called Elecfreaks, they designed a 3 d printer is very small and light, you can meet the needs of users to carry, it is equal to the size of an ordinary notebook computer on the market only.
This product by designer named Freaks3D, it in about 3 kg, the weight of the overall size is 29 cm x 32 cm x 32.5 cm. Because the main function of the portable, so did a lot of optimization in the power, can achieve a very low value, you can even by USB mobile power supply mode.

According to the designers, the computer started very fast, and don't need to any preheating. Since at the expense of his size, of course, it is necessarily to print is not too big, the most is 4 to 6 inch size printing items.

The printer is equipped with a LCD screen, can be printed on it and some control Settings. Users can print documents stored in the SD card, also can be printed by connecting to the USB port.

Elecfreaks has to submit the product on the website, raise has raised more than $20000. Full assembly version Freaks3D standard edition for $299, for $399, if raised well, then at the end of August this year is expected to be launched.

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