Windows 3d printing function

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Windows 3d printing function

Postby Downey_Wercan » Mon Jul 27, 2015 2:50 am

On July 29, Windows update 10 push will be issued officially. And as early as in 2013, Microsoft on Windows 8.1 added support for 3 d printing function module. Now, let's break down some Windows 8.1 3 d 3 d printing application Builder, and Spark platform for integration of Windows update 10 push.
Now, 3 d printing functions are integrated into the Windows system by Microsoft. The word "3 d printing" hot blanket coverage depends on the media, and Microsoft will become wider use 3 d printing key strength? This is an interesting topic. Windows 8.1 3 d Builer, 3 d printing application is a profound.
Currently Windows 8.1 claims to support 3 d printer brands including 3 d Systems, MakerBot and independent brand in China too. To Windows 10, is expected to have a general 3 d printer driver, to support a large number of 3 d printers on the market the brand and type. Image

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