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Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 10:37 am
by da111
แทง บอล Nietzsche Trainer of "Paris" Paris Saint-Germain believes that the team will continue to develop whether he is on the field or not.Amir has promised Paris Saint-Germain to reach the end of this season, and may not be renewed after the defeat of Real Madrid for the final 16 teams. Although Monaco beat 7-1 on the night of winning the Liga championship successfully."When I analyze the situation. I think it will grow in the European arena. You have to do it in the French league first, "said Amie."When you look in France It has Saint-Etien who have won the 10-time Marseille 9-time Monaco and Nancy 8 times. Tonight we won the seventh time, it will be another opportunity to compete. ""20 years ago, if Pesche won the league. It will be very big. But today it's important, but we have to have space for the Champions League. ""The first goal is to grow in France. Then it was European football. ""It's a continuation club with a big nostalgia for growth. I am very happy here with my personal project. ""For me. The ambition of the club is clear. The club must remain the strongest team in France and continue to develop outside the country. ""I believe in this project and the development of this team, whether or not it is me."