Very well!

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Very well!

Postby da111 » Fri Mar 30, 2018 8:43 am

ทาง เข้า sbo Steven Gerrard gave Manchester City, Liverpool and Tottenham. Hotspur is the third most played football club in the Premier League and it is not surprising that the Liverpool legend refers to Manchester United. City is one of three clubs. By the team of Pepper Guerrero were leading the league in the league and scored 85 goals, with Sergio Aguero (21) and Rahem Sterling (15). Ball) has helped to produce those scores, not least to shoot up to 50 balls at the other team, the former England midfielder is in the group with it is Spurs. Under the leadership of Maurizio. They shot 59 in this season and Harry Kuyt, 24 Tung from the second half, while talking about Liverpool and Manchester United. City in an interview Gerrard said that. "They (Liverpool vs. Manchester United). City) are the two teams that play the most games in the Premier League and is the most watched team. "" I put Spurs in the same group as well. And from listening to the manager, the two guys talk about these games before. It is clear that the parties appreciate each other. Gerrard discusses the Champions League game where his club will meet with Manchester City, even if it says that this is a game that is close. But he believes that clopp can bring "red" to victory. "At this time, from a biased perspective. I believe in the Erik. The team will be showcasing their performances in both matches as they show what they can do. "

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