Very well!

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Very well!

Postby da111 » Fri Apr 06, 2018 10:38 am

สมัคร sbobet Paul Inc, Manchester Alumni United want to see both Jose Mourinho manager, the end of the feud with the supporters Paul Pablo to shake hands with the club to meet in the future by the former England midfielder to watch the movement in the old. Trafford in the latter period, the news of the break between Mourinho and Pablo came out quite often, which did not affect the United, who was finishing second and the FA. The Cup is the only championship possible. "I hope that Pablo will continue to be there, because when you are on the team again, you need to be in the center. With Manchester City in the next season, "Liverpool alumni insisted through The Sun." If United lose the club, then who will be replaced? I think Mourinho should come and sit on his knees to finish the feud and solve the problem. "I think that Joe may have a habit of chasing his team, but you see that the players are just powerful. where If they coach each other, then what? The trouble is that coaches must be undoubtedly. "

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Very well

Postby Potapovdoork » Wed Aug 22, 2018 8:59 pm

One side of the back flap which covers the ports is not closing very well. Has anyone experienced this and is there a simple way to fix it? Thanks

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