Chinese science using 3D printing technology to conquer diabetes

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Chinese science using 3D printing technology to conquer diabetes

Postby Downey_Wercan » Thu Jul 23, 2015 1:28 am

Recently, the United States New York City of Binghamton University researchers are trying to develop a 3D printing technology, and used to treat preventable diseases, such as diabetes, the study has made significant progress.

This ambitious program of research is biomedical engineering professor Kaiming Ye and led by Sha Jin, objective at this stage is 3D printing functionality of the 3D model of the pancreas. Then, these may be used as carriers for the key cells to "grow". This method particularly useful for growth of insulin-producing islet cells. Problems is itself able to produce insulin in diabetic patients, but to grow cells in the laboratory injected into patients can essentially cure for this increasingly common disease.

Professor Ye say, 3D printing is an important tool for achieving this ambitious plan. Although scientists have previously successfully foster growth of cells in the laboratory, but in many applications of cell culture and growth must be carried out in a three-dimensional scale, instead of a Petri dish in a 2D environment. Created by 3D printing functionality similar to real human organs (pancreas), in fact, required to provide scientists with a 3D printing factory of the cell.

For diabetics, the cells of "mass production" is just what they need. "The most effective treatment methods is the islet transplantation diabetes mellitus. "Ye said," However, due to the lack of donor, the majority of diabetics no islet transplants. "A 3D print environment similar to the pancreas can easily solve this problem.

This all sounds very nice, but Binghamton University's research mission from combat this increasingly common disease still has a long way to go. The first and most important step, obviously, is how 3D printing out organ. In order to do this, Sha Jin's laboratory is working on a vascular system, the system has complete pump function can continue to provide the cells with oxygen and nutrients. Second, the team is still looking for a pure pancreatic islet cells to produce the "miracle material", this "magical substance" might formed by pluripotent stem cells, it must be transformed into islet cells.

Now Binghamton University's research team has received from the United States National Science Foundation (NSF) research grant of US $ 300,000. "The yearly increase in the number of diabetes patients, has become a serious problem. "Ye," said the study, and we can provide unlimited source of cells for islet transplantation. "All in all, the current demand for personalized medicine is at an all-time high, and 3D printing will play a very important role.

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