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College student using 3D printing technology to create a machine capable of auto-DJing DJ robot

Posted: Thu Jul 23, 2015 5:22 am
by Downey_Wercan
Recently, the Balakit 3D printed parts to assemble a "robot DJ", it can start recording smooth transitions, and to the given takt time manipulating records. Rico Balakit is a United States Computer Engineering Department of University of Texas students, but can enter the Department of mechanical engineering of 3D printing Studio, no exaggeration to say that, he likes to create some new things.

His original idea was to create a robotic system, the way the system is able to synchronize with the Traktor software accurately implemented, "rubbing." He said that according to the design, the device can be run in two modes: the first is as a reliable "instant rubbing plates (Instant Gratification Scratching)" system, one of the buttons has been pre-programmed according to rub dish order; the second was "the piano (player piano)" mode, which is a cycle of music and random models.