3D printing "bones" simulated reduction surgery

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3D printing "bones" simulated reduction surgery

Postby Downey_Wercan » Tue Jul 28, 2015 2:30 am

Complex injuries, doctor stereo print paper "bones" for surgery, surgical time in half, the bleeding has also declined. Recently, shengjing affiliated hospital of China Medical University finished 3D print secondary fractures of the humerus.

Aunt Ginger is 74 years old, caused by an accidental fall right comminuted fractures of the proximal humerus. "X-rays have the shape of the bones did not see the original. "V orthopedic orthopaedic trauma Director, Yang said, old fracture in the active number of joints, most likely remnants of dysfunction after surgery, the Hospital decided to try using the" 3D printing "simulated casualty of broken bones and joints. "First use of fracture in patients with CT data in a three dimensional digital model on the computer, helps us know the fracture of the degree, type and displacement of each fragment, make a clear-cut preoperative diagnosis. Then use 3D printer to print out 1:1 the size of a three dimensional model, surgeon in the model simulation on reduction, planning for individual patients with fracture of steel plate, plate in the model simulation of fracture surgery. "Through several surgical procedures, resulted in shortening the time of surgery than similar surgery in half and less bleeding, reduces the risk of surgery.

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