Childhood is picturesque, and our most

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Childhood is picturesque, and our most

Postby ylq » Mon Jun 25, 2018 2:57 am

Childhood is picturesque, and our most beautiful smile is painted; childhood is poetry and shows the joys and sorrows and joys of our lives; childhood is like a song <a href="">Marlboro Cigarettes Online</a>, singing innocent and joyless; childhood is bright and embroidered when we are happy expression. Childhood is an unforgettable time for everyone. Those days are vivid, people laugh, people linger, people feel something. The lesson with profound meanings will never stop in my heart <a href="">Carton Of Cigarettes</a>."Xiaojiang refueling!" "Small clock refueling!" The shouts of men and women into one <a href="">Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes</a>, strong and fierce, deafening sound. A man and a woman on the stage <a href="">Cigarettes For Sale</a>, each holding a white chalk, are engrossed in a circle. ��Stop�� shouted as teacher Chen shouted, Xiao Jiang and Xiao Zhong put down their pens, and retraced both sides of the blackboard to show their masterpieces to everyone �C the circle of Xiao Jiang��s paintings was like a jade plate. People feel very comfortable, and the small bell is small and exquisite, like a crystal clear pearl. The first round and the second round... The competition became more and more intense. It was more difficult than ever before, but the two were still unwilling to show their weaknesses. Seeing this Chen teacher took out her "killer" left hand to draw a round right hand painted square. The students were stunned and the two on stage were even more at a loss. Until -- "begin countdown <a href="">Newport 100S</a>, ten, nine, eight ... ..." Teacher Chen deliberately made things difficult, we counted, and my heart was very worried for the classmates on stage, anxious. My heart was leaping with enthusiasm. A tense atmosphere filled the entire classroom. "-" time, the square and the circle on the blackboard are completely different from the original. The square is not square and the circle is not round. It forms an abstract painting that looks very funny and makes people look into it.

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