Andrea Pacciani’s Laser Sintered Ornaments Become Designer Lamps

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Andrea Pacciani’s Laser Sintered Ornaments Become Designer Lamps

Postby kyogjj » Sat Aug 01, 2015 7:29 am

A few months ago, we reported on architect and designer Andrea Pacciani’s work involving an ancient “rose engine lathe”. These are machines able to create geometrically complex structures which can be replicated only with support-free 3D printing technology such as laser sintering. Now, Pacciani’s work is evolving into an end-use product.

The Rosenlamp from Pacciani’s Ushak Atelier of Wonders is a lamp with 12 lights for light bulbs, with G4 5W LED or 12 volt halogen lamps. It was entirely made in Italy with laser-sintered polyamide and then finished and painted by hand. The inspiration for this work comes specifically from an 18th Century ivory ornament kept in Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Available in ivory, ebony, or custom colors on request the lamp has a 20-cm diameter at the base and is about 36-cm tall, making it a perfect as a table or beside lamp. Pacciani plans on releasing the commercial version on the market by next December 1st at a price of €750. Until then, it is possible to pre-order it for €475, with delivery on December 1st.

While Pacciani is constantly searching for ways to create his amazing designs using more “noble” materials than nylon, the geometry of his works is already quite impressive and the strangest part is that its design originated in the XVII century. Apparently, there are enough ornaments in the past to light up our future for decades.

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