MostFun:3 Chengdu, 24 years old boy 3D printing "future"

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MostFun:3 Chengdu, 24 years old boy 3D printing "future"

Postby kyogjj » Fri Jul 31, 2015 6:41 am

In fact, for most people, 3D printing has already no stranger, but high price barrier most people explore the footsteps. From Chengdu to mostfun team hopes to create a high quality 3D printer, allow more people to experience the charm of 3D printing, so MostFun3D was born.

Recently we interviewed MostFun Dong Bo, General Manager of bi information, the 24-year-olds to tell us the stories behind the MostFun.
Co-founder mostfun Dong Bo

MostFun first conceived by co-founders Chen Lvzhou and current Chief Engineer of Orrick's 3D printer project. It is understood that Chen Lvzhou is well-known, now 24, when he was in high school robotics competition organized by the Ministry of education, Chengdu won the first name, then ranked fourth in the country. MostFun Orrick is well-known, the chief engineer who graduated from Chengdu University, is 24 years old.

Dong Bo, told reporters that they open source hardware through Chen Lvzhou fame, has found including mechanical engineers, industrial designers and other famous guests, and to ink workshop team were formed in February 2013, and in August of the same year, MostFun 3D printer prototypes completed full registration, and formally set up the ink Fang technology co., Ltd.
Co-founder mostfun Chen lv zhou

3D printer for as early as the open source hardware community they were no longer strangers, because what they are doing compared to standard parts on the market did not fully meet their needs, so they look to lock in on the 3D printer. On one hand, from the domestic development of 3D printer has just started, uneven in quality levels, and the foreign machines are too expensive on the other, though the 3D printers for mass production there are still many difficulties, but for individual users, it is very useful. Less a peg? Less a wrench? Can be solved by 3D printing. Dong Bo, told reporters: "maybe it's not the time to mature, but we're looking to design your own 3D printer, this interesting technology to more people. ”
MostFun Chief Engineer Wang Xiang

3D printing has come, time of 3D products will follow. Ink shop what's the advantage? Dong Bo, currently available 3D printing product with a very high degree of quality. "Most of the 3D printed products are Copy, but we are improving," Dong Bo told reporters, to ink workshop team for 8 months in "finely crafted" team for the stability of 3D printers, thermal, parameter set optimized for comprehensive, even in terms of after-sales service, building brand trust, they have also invested a lot of resources and energy. This is what most teams do well, or not available. MostFun3D printers 2880, of course the starting price, compared to other 3D print products is also very affordable.

United States of Kickstarter so that more people come to know charm with all the chips. To ink workshop team, all the superior mode of operation is entirely tailored to their guests a platform. Many entrepreneurial teams with technical strength, but they lack financial support, it is difficult to extend the product to the market, while the raised platform has greatly accelerated the pace of their development.

Dong Bo told reporters that the MostFun 3D printer has completed the raising of early goals, then they will be above the center shifted to the production of the work, "quality, quantity, complete" is the commitments they have made in calling time. They understand that if there is fault any aspect of production, machine quality, and user experience goes down a lot. At the same time they constantly try new production, and developed a standardized set of programmes, covering the Assembly sequence, Assembly, final testing, and many other aspects, to ensure that users of each machine is the best.

3D printers on the market today more and more ink team workshops also faces many challenges. Dong Bo, said they hope to do in the future brand. "Our brand is to show our attitude, which means to ensure product quality, consistent," said Dong Bo, "what we need is the user's approval, rather than boasting, this is our ultimate goal."

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