New technology can be cheaper and cleaner to produce 3D printed material PLA

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New technology can be cheaper and cleaner to produce 3D printed material PLA

Postby Downey_Wercan » Thu Jul 23, 2015 2:50 am

Speaking of 3D printing material PLA, I believe we are not strangers, and PLA (polylactic acid) is one of the most popular 3D printing supplies, especially its head a biodegradable bio-plastic ring, especially by many deep awareness of 3D printing enthusiasts of all ages. PLA material itself has a lot of advantages, of course: it's warping of smaller, faster 3D printing speed can be achieved, lower floor height, and so on.

PLA has any drawbacks? In fact, this is a very good material, in addition to the relatively brittle, absorbing moisture and heat resistance of less outside and high production costs, I think it also has a large defect.

Today, the PLA also on production cost is about to change. Leuven Centre for surface chemistry and catalysis, University researchers say they have found an easier and cheaper way to make PLA, and produces no waste. There is no doubt that for the PLA, including 3D printing all application areas is a cause for optimism.

It is understood that the complex traditional PLA production steps leads to higher costs, and will produce a lot of waste. The researchers found a zeolite (zeolite) new mineral control chemical processes to be able to completely solve this problem.

For many industries, PLA will not replace petrochemicals. But in the 3D printing industry, believed that lower cost, new cleaner manufacturing technology industry-changing the rules of the game.

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