The world's first 3 d printing smart oven

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The world's first 3 d printing smart oven

Postby Downey_Wercan » Mon Jul 27, 2015 2:41 am

Today, 3d printing is almost omnipotent. We can use it to print, cars, houses and skull skin. More recently, though, claims to be the world's first 3 d printing oven also met with us.

Pyra is not a traditional oven - this is not only embodies in its producing method. In addition to completely using 3 d printing engineering machine is made of plastic, the way the oven cooking food is also very unusual: compared to using the traditional oven heating tube Pyra using a set of complex hot air circulation system, can provide consistent for all ingredients inside surface of the heating temperature.

Innovative heating mode also brought Pyra rich application range. According to the production team, the oven can not only become heated tools of science laboratory, can also be used to the next barbecue meals service for you. Pyra can use any type of fire, its 3 d printing at the bottom of the interface allows air circulation in the heating element, and achieve the highest heating temperature of 375.

Production team, said they plan to open Pyra design in the future, which anyone can download, custom, and make your own version.

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