Conte bounced if this happens to Leo.

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Conte bounced if this happens to Leo.

Postby soksophoan » Wed Feb 07, 2018 6:32 am

The Sun's media hit England's Roman Abramovich, the Chelsea owner, set the condition that Antonio Conte banned the team to leave the top four even once in the rest of the season. Then the Conte will be immediately discharged by the reason that Bamramiset set such requirements. Roman Abramovic, the Chelsea owner of the English Premier League giants, will leave Antonio Conte, the Italian manager, out of position. If the team is out of the top four just once in the rest of the season, according to the report of the Sun media, the city's elite. Over the course of time, Conte's future is full of uncertainties. After all, he often interviews the board of directors about the reinforcements. While the work of the team was poor enough. The recent loss to the league two consecutive games so far, although they are in the fourth position of the table with a score of 50 points from the 26 games played, but the "blue lion indigo" scores more points. The Hot Spurs team ranked 5th in just one point.[url=][color=#C9892F]sbo666[/color][/url]

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