3D printing key components to help China's fourth-generation fighter development

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3D printing key components to help China's fourth-generation fighter development

Postby Downey_Wercan » Thu Jul 23, 2015 1:21 am

On July 16, 2015, civil-military integration development of national defense science and technology industry exhibition opened in Beijing, using 3D printing technology to produce the aircraft as a whole strengthened box debut, this is by far the world 3D print manufacturing, the primary force-key component of titanium alloy. China aircraft strength Research Institute report, using parts of this technology has been used in China's fourth-generation fighter, the 3D printing industry will have great development opportunities.

3D printing made out of metal parts, and has the characteristics of high performance, low cost and quick trial, in many ways consistent with aerospace equipment manufacturing for the future needs of broad application prospects. Our view: high-end 3D printing technology meets the requirements of increased defence industry technology, not only can be used for fighter aircraft manufacturing, will also replace the traditional manufacture of aerospace equipment. High-end 3D printing technology has just started in China, the market has not been completely released, this field exist broad prospects for development. 3D printing technology in the fourth generation of successful application is bound to make high-end 3D printing industry and raw materials demand growth spurt.

According to statistics Wohers Associates, 2012 aerospace applications accounted for 10% of 3D printing and raw materials market in 2014, this proportion increased to 15%, grew faster than 22%. 3D printing in the aerospace, military industry fields there is vast room for market growth. The next five years as China's aerospace, military and other fields demand-driven, in the context of civil-military integration, rapid growth in 3D printing industry worth looking forward to.

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