The Ultimaker Family with Industry-Leading Support

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The Ultimaker Family with Industry-Leading Support

Postby kyogjj » Fri Jul 31, 2015 9:07 am

Whether you’re a maker in education, fashion, medicine, engineering, design or explorative markets across the globe, Ultimaker provides the most reliable and accurate 3D printing experience around with industry-leading support. We're proud to share some really important details with you today.
Promotional films

To get to know each of the Ultimaker 2 Family models more closely and see the difference they’re making to people’s lives, please enjoy our latest promotional films below.
Ultimaker 2 Go: The Mighty Mini 3D Printer
Industry-leading 1 year warranty

We're one of only a few 3D printer manufacturers to offer a 1 year warranty on all parts, except the hot-end. This warranty gives users extra reassurance on their high build quality and reliability. Learn more about our services on our warranty page.
Industry-leading support

When customers buy an Ultimaker product, the Ultimaker Original or one of our Ultimaker 2 Family models, they’re entitled to free technical support for as long as they use it. First there’s always our community forums that enjoy a great culture of helping and sharing from very experienced makers. Most of them are very technically minded and only too happy to help. We also have detailed support pages that are available at users’ convenience, curated and created by expert makers. Of course, there’s always the customer’s official point of sale, who can offer technical support and knowledge. And lastly, but by no means least, Our own technical support team, who offer help by phone and email and are always happy to help in isolating the cause of a problem, finding parts and providing solutions.
Locally assembled

Since September 2014, we're proudly assembling our US 3D printers in Memphis with local partner fbrc8 –making it much easier for US makers to get their hands on these class-leading printers. Besides US assembly we're still assembling 3D printers in the Netherlands ready to ship to customers and partners all over Europe and the rest of the world.
Locally sourced, Locally supported

We now have many official partners globally. For example the United States, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. We're rapidly expanding our distribution network. What’s great about the official suppliers of Ultimakers is that they also provide a local point of contact for all service and support needs. It means customers are always able to deal with someone close to home. For a full list of partners, please check out the reseller page.
Something for everyone
The Ultimaker family perfectly suits different needs. The Ultimaker 2 Go, is great for those just starting out in 3D printing, or those who are always on the move. The Ultimaker 2, creates the most effortless desktop 3D printing experience for all. And the Ultimaker 2 Extended gives makers all the space they need to print larger, more complex objects.

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